e-Assets Monitor

Find Hidden Threats and Compromised Data


Every day, companies face threats they don’t notice until it’s too late.


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How Can e-Assets Help Increase Your Threat Visibility?

Monitoring threats from less traditional sources, such as the dark web and data repositories, can be difficult for overwhelmed and short-staffed incident response teams. Malware Patrol created the e-Assets Monitoring System to help provide insight into threats related to brand reputation (look alike domains) and stolen credentials, all without requiring additional resources or expertise.

Users input their most valuable electronic assets – domains, IP addresses – and our system regularly searches for matching activities and entries. Whenever something suspicious is detected, the details are added to your data feeds for review.

Our feeds are compatible with the most common SIEMs and alert/monitoring systems so your incident response personnel can easily integrate them into your current processes and quickly take action when threats are detected.

We also have the following pre-formatted feeds:

stock - tick markLook-alike Domains – Matches domain names against registered look-alike domains

stock - tick markIP Addresses – Matches IP addresses against detected malicious activities

stock - tick markRecovered Credentials – Matches domain names against recovered credentials

stock - tick markMalware Indicators – Matches domain names and hashes against C&Cs, DGAs and malware URLs

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