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Enterprise Data Evaluation Request

Take Advantage of our Free Data Evaluation

Malware Patrol’s Enterprise Feeds will fit effortlessly into your current threat data ingestion process, all while providing a unique and valuable set of IOCs that you simply cannot risk being without.

How Does it Work?

Evaluations are for commercial entities only. Non-commercial users can subscribe to our Basic Defense blocklists.

You must attend a 15-minute orientation prior to beginning an evaluation. You will receive scheduling instructions after submitting the form.

Malware Patrol’s evaluation portal provides access to limited-but-current versions of the following data feeds:

  1. Anti-Cryptomining
  2. Bitcoin Blockchain Strings
  3. Bitcoin Transactions
  4. C2 Addresses
  5. DDoS Attacks (Real-Time)
  6. Domain Names Generated via DGAs
  7. DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) Servers
  8. DNS RPZ Firewall
  9. Intrusion Insights
  10. Malicious IPs
  11. Malware & Ransomware URLs
  12. Malware Hashes
  13. Malware Samples (Binaries)
  14. MISP-Formatted Feeds
  15. Newly Registered Domains
  16. Phishing
  17. Phishing Screenshots and Raw HTML
  18. Scam Domains


Enterprise - Eval Request

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