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Enterprise Data Evaluation Request

Take Advantage of our Free Data Evaluation

Malware Patrol’s Enterprise Feeds will fit effortlessly into your current threat data ingestion process, all while providing a unique and valuable set of IOCs that you simply cannot risk being without.

How Does it Work?

You must attend a 15-minute orientation prior to beginning an evaluation. You will receive scheduling instructions after submitting the form.

Malware Patrol’s evaluation portal provides access to limited-but-current versions of the following data feeds:

  1. Anti-Mining
  2. Bitcoin Blockchain Strings
  3. Bitcoin Transactions – Available via AWS S3 Bucket
  4. C2 Addresses, Drop Zones and Control Panels
  5. DDoS Attacks (Real-Time)
  6. Domain Names Generated via DGAs
  7. DNS RPZ Firewall
  8. Malicious IP Addresses
  9. Malware URLs (includes ransomware)
  10. Malware Samples (binaries) – Available via AWS S3 Bucket
  11. MISP (sync OR download MISP-formatted feeds)
  12. Newly Registered Domains
  13. Phishing
Please specify in the form comments if you would like access to Malware Samples or Bitcoin Transactions.

Evaluations are for commercial entities only. Non-commercial users can subscribe to our Free Guard or Basic Defense block lists.

Enterprise - Eval Request

Please visit this page on a desktop computer in order to complete the evaluation request.