Malware Patrol for Fortinet NGFW

Malware Patrol & Fortinet Integration

Malware Patrol offers an integration with Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW Security Fabric. This means that with just a few clicks, you can take advantage of the additional protection offered by our intelligent threat data to protect your organization against malware, ransomware, phishing and the unauthorized use of DoH.

Although Fortinet natively provides filters for its firewall, it is important to remember that no company has visibility of all threats. Aggregating data from distinct sources is the best strategy to properly defend the perimeter. The following feeds are available in formats compatible with the Fabric Connector:

  1. DNS-over-HTTPs (DoH)
  2. Malicious Domains
  3. Malicious IPs
  4. Malware Hashes
  5. Malware & Ransomware URLs

To see how easy it is to add Malware Patrol’s protection to your Fortinet NGFW, check out our configuration video (below) or our written version here.  

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About Fortinet

FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security for any edge at any scale with full visibility and threat protection. Organizations can weave security deep into the hybrid IT architecture and build security-driven networks to achieve:

  • Ultra-fast security, end to end
  • Consistent real-time defense with FortiGuard Services
  • Excellent user experience with security processing units
  • Operational efficiency and automated workflows

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides an intelligent architecture that interconnects discrete security solutions into an integrated whole to detect, monitor, block, and remediate attacks across the entire attack surface. It delivers broad protection and visibility into every network segment and device, be they hardware, virtual, or cloud based.

  • The physical topology view shows all connected devices, including access layer devices. The logical topology view shows information about the interfaces that each device is connected to.
  • Security rating checks analyze the Security Fabric deployment to identify potential vulnerabilities and highlight best practices to improve the network configuration, deploy new hardware and software, and increase visibility and control of the network.
  • Automation pairs an event trigger with one or more actions to monitor the network and take the designated actions automatically when the Security Fabric detects a threat.
  • Fabric connectors provide integration with multiple SDN, cloud, and partner technology platforms to automate the process of managing dynamic security updates without manual intervention.”

configuration video


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