Over the last few weeks the news of hackers build phishing pages using AWS apps. Also find here the threat alert – cloud network bandwidth now stolen through cryptojacking.

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87% of the ransomware found on the dark web has been delivered via malicious acros

Source: HelpNetSecurity

The findings uncovered 475 webpages of sophisticated ransomware products and services, with several high-profile groups aggressively marketing ransomware-as-a-service. Read more.

Threat Alert: Cloud network bandwidth now stolen through cryptojacking

Source: Aquasec

PKT cash is a decentralized blockchain that allows individuals to earn money by sharing their internet bandwidth. The algorithm is designed to calculate earnings based on the amount of shared network traffic with the community. Read more.

Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

Source: Institute for Security and Technology. AL

An action plan for ransomware mitigation, response, and recovery for small and medium-sized enterprises. The RTF called for the cybersecurity community to “develop a clear, actionable framework for ransomware mitigation, response, and recovery.” Read more.

Hackers Build Phishing Pages Using AWS Apps

Source: Avanan Check Point

In this attack brief, researchers at Avanan, a Check Point Software Company, will discuss how threat actors are creating phishing pages on AWS using the site’s legitimacy to steal credentials. Read more.

Healthcare is littered with failed attempts by big tech to break in. Here’s why

Source: SC Media

Many vendors, including some of the the most dominant players in the tech space, have a revolving door of healthcare leaders. Others hop in, then hop out again when the juice doesn’t quite prove worth the squeeze. Read more.

Threat in your browser: what dangers innocent-looking extensions hold for users

Source: SecureList by Kaspersky

Whether you want to block ads, keep a to-do list or check your spelling, browser extensions allow you to do all of the above and more, improving convenience, productivity and efficiency for free. Read more.

Shuckworm: Russia-Linked Group Maintains Ukraine Focus

Source: Broadcom Software

Recent Shuckworm activity observed by Symantec, a division of Broadcom Software, and aimed at Ukraine appears to be delivering information-stealing malware to targeted networks. Read more.

XCSSET Malware Update | macOS Threat Actors Prepare for Life Without Python

Source: SentinelOne

In this post, we review changes made to the latest versions of XCSSET and reveal some of the context in which these threat actors operate. Read more.