Our handpicked selection of the most recent infosec articles from the first half of November 2018. SamSam and Kraken ransomware make headlines, along with an appearance by Emotet with new email exfiltration capabilities.

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emotet trojan

CamuBot Banking Malware Stands out for Its Ability to Bypass Biometric Authentication

Source: Infosec Institute

Security experts from IBM X-Force spotted a new strain of malware, tracked under the name CamuBot and targeting Brazilian bank customers. Read more

emotet trojan

Emotet Awakens With New Campaign of Mass Email Exfiltration

Source: Kryptos Logic

The Emotet malware family just raised the stakes by adding email exfiltration to its arsenal, thereby escalating its capabilities to cyber espionage. Read more.

emotet trojan

Fallout Exploit Kit Releases the Kraken Ransomware on Its Victims

Source: McAfee

Rising from the deep, Kraken Cryptor ransomware has had a notable development path in recent months. The first signs of Kraken came in mid-August on a popular underground forum. Read more.

emotet trojan

Ransomware: A cheat sheet for professionals

Source: TechRepublic

This guide covers Locky, WannaCry, Petya, and other ransomware attacks, the systems hackers target, and how to avoid becoming a victim and paying cybercriminals a ransom in the event of an infection. Read more.

emotet trojan

New SamSam ransomware campaign aims at targets across the US

Source: ZDNet

SamSam ransomware is still plaguing organisations across the US, with fresh attacks against 67 new targets — including at least one involved with administering the upcoming midterm elections. Read more.

emotet trojan

Browlock flies under the radar with complete obfuscation

Source: Malwarebytes

Browlocks are the main driving force behind tech support scams, using a combination of malvertising and clever browser locker tricks to fool users. Read more.

emotet trojan

BCMPUPnP_Hunter Botnet infected 400k routers to turn them in email spammers

Source: Security Affairs

Security experts from 360 Netlab security firm have recently discovered a new spam botnet, dubbed BCMPUPnP_Hunter, that mainly targets routers that have the BroadCom UPnP feature enabled. Read more.