There’s a growing concern over what is thought to be a regrouping of the GandCrab ransomware developers to distribute what is being called “REvil,” “Sodin,” and “Sodinokibi” ransomware. The NCSC published a useful DNS hijacking and mitigation best practices/advisory. Also, articles about some new malware, ransomware and phishing attack vectors and types.

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Phishers Target Office 365 Admins with Fake Admin Alerts

Source: BleepingComputer

Phishers targeting admins are becoming more popular due to the greater range of attacks than can be conducted through an admin account. Read more.

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Anti-Debugging Techniques from a Complex Visual Basic Packer

Source: Yoroi

“Hawkeye Keylogger” is an info-stealing malware for sale in the dark-web. Anyone can easily subscribe to the malware service by paying a fee. Read more.


This Phishing Attacker Takes American Express—and Victims’ Credentials

Source: Cofense

Recently, the CofenseTM Phishing Defense CenterTM observed a phishing attack against American Express customers, both merchant and corporate card holders. Read more.

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Is ‘REvil’ the New GandCrab Ransomware?

Source: KrebsonSecurity

A growing body of evidence suggests the GandCrab team have instead quietly regrouped behind a more exclusive and advanced ransomware program known variously as “REvil,” “Sodin,” and “Sodinokibi.” Read more.

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Ongoing DNS hijacking and mitigation advice

Source: NCSC

This Advisory covers some of the risks for organisations around DNS hijacking activity and gives advice on ways the risks can be mitigated. Read more.

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How We Seized 15 Active Ransomware Campaigns Targeting Linux File Storage Servers

Source: Intezer

We at Intezer have detected and temporarily DoS’d the operation of a ransomware targeting Linux-based file storage systems (NAS servers). Read more.

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The 2019 Duo Trusted Access Report: Zero-Trust Security for the Workforce

Source: Duo

How is zero-trust security for the workforce making its way into the enterprise – and how are organizations using the key principles of zero trust today? Read more.

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How to manage Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption feature

Source: CSO

BitLocker is designed to be silent, so much so that you might forget which machines have it enabled and which ones do not. Read more.

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Malware-Loader ‘Brushaloader’ Grows More Menacing

Source: Threatpost

The tenacious loader malware called Brushaloader is growing more menacing, showing no signs of abatement despite best efforts by security professionals. Read more.

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Phishing Attackers Are Abusing WeTransfer to Evade Email Gateways

Source: Threatpost

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center has observed a wave of phishing attacks that utilize the legitimate file hosting site WeTransfer to deliver malicious URLs to bypass email gateways. Read more.

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Multistage Attack Delivers BillGates/Setag Backdoor, Can Turn Elasticsearch Databases into DDoS Botnet ‘Zombies’

Source: Trendmicro

These threats can turn affected targets into botnet zombies used in distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Read more.

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NASty: QNAP Warns Users About ‘eCh0raix’ Ransomware

Source: tom’s HARDWARE

QNAP warned its NAS customers to make sure they’re using strong passwords [and] have the latest version of its QTS firmware. Read more.

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Trinity Miner using open ADB port to target IoT devices

Source: Quick Heal Blog

All these IoT devices are powered by ARM-based processor and run on android and unix operating system. These IoT devices include mobiles, smart T.V., routers, IP cameras and DVR. Read more.