Read a few of our favorite infosec articles from the past few weeks. Read about the CEIDPageLock rootkit, Mozilla’s plan to distrust Symantec TLS certificates, new MacOS malware, and more.

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CeidPageLock: A Chinese RootKit

Source: Check Point Research

The browser-hijacking CEIDPageLock rootkit is being distributed by the RIG Exploit kit. Read more.

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Firefox Nightly Distrusts All Symantec TLS Certs

Source: Bleeping Computer

The plan to distrust TLS certificates issued by Symantec is on track as Mozilla released its first version of the browser that reacts with a security warning when users land on any page bearing the seal of trust from Symantec Certificate Authority. Read more.

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What I Learned at Hacker Summer Camp 2018

Source: AlienVault

AlienVault reports on the annual trifecta of CyberSecurity conferences: BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat Briefings, and DEFCON, held August 5-12 in Las Vegas. Read more.


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Lazarus Group Builds its First MacOS Malware

Source: Dark Reading

Lazarus Group targets cryptocurrency exchanges with macOS malware, a sign the nation-state group is developing attacks for a broader variety of platforms to achieve its goal of financial gain. Read more.

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Notorious cyber crime gang behind global bank hacking spree returns with new attacks

Source: ZDNet

The Cobalt Group is suspected of vast numbers of attacks which have caused over a billion in damages — and they’re not done yet.  Read more.