Malware Patrol Announces Partnership with Check Point Software Technologies
Brazilian security company joins forces with the world’s leading internet security firm.

São Paulo, Brazil – June 13, 2016 – Malware Patrol is excited to announce its new partnership with Check Point Software Technologies LTD. Malware Patrol will be adding their expertise in the fight against cyber-attacks to Check Points’ offering of IntelliStore services. ThreatCloud IntelliStore delivers threat data via a unique marketplace that enables organizations to select intelligence feeds that automatically prevent cyber-attacks.

Malware Patrol was founded in 2005 when the company owner saw a very real need to monitor, analyze and collect malware related data in order to help individuals and businesses seeking protection against malware. The company maintains block lists and data feeds that are available in numerous formats, including the most popular anti-spam, antivirus and web proxy systems. They have customers from more than 130 countries and are focused exclusively on malware-related threat intelligence.

Malware Patrol has grown quickly and now employs a team of security experts based in São Paulo, Brazil. Their systems are deployed on cloud servers in eight distinct geographical locations using multiple technologies to consistently provide customers with up-to-date threat intelligence data feeds. The company continually researches and expands their data acquisitions, monitors and block lists.

Company founder, André Correa, commented, “We’re very excited to be joining forces with Check Point. They are the industry leader in providing top notch internet security to corporations around the world. Our company is committed to helping people avoid costly cyber-attacks and we consistently upgrade our services to give customers the very latest data feeds available.”

Check Point Software Technologies provides protection against a long list of cyber-threats including fully customizable solutions for internet security. They are the global leader in network, data and endpoint protection, providing security for all Fortune 100 companies. Their ThreatCloud technology is the first to offer a collaborative security infrastructure to fight cybercrimes. The ThreatCloud IntelliStore includes specialized intelligence feeds from around the globe.

Cynthia Saw, Public Relations Manager at Check Point adds, “We’re delighted to welcome Malware Patrol on board. Our commitment is to give our customers every available resource in the fight against cyber-attacks. These past few years have clearly shown that organizations large and small must now take cyber-crimes much more seriously.”

About Malware Patrol

Malware Patrol provides an extensive range of services and intelligence data feeds to protect its customers from cyber-attacks, with special focus on malware and ransomware. Their systems work non-stop to monitor malicious activities and detect URLs, IPs, domains, hashes, etc involved in cybercrime. These indicators of compromise are constantly verified to produce accurate and dependable threat intelligence data that protects organizations in more than 130 countries against infections and data exfiltration.

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point takes pride in offering best-in-class internet security solutions for businesses and organizations around the world. They pioneered the industry with FireWall-1. Using Software Blade technology, Check Point continues to build innovative new strategies that keep the world safe against cyber-attacks. Using OPSEC (Open Platform for Security), an open, multi-vendor security framework, customers receive a wide range of excellent integrated applications and deployment platforms. For more info, please visit: https://www.checkpoint.com/products/threatcloud-intellistore/.

Media Contact:
Malware Patrol
André Correa
São Paulo, Brazil
[email protected]
+55 11 9-9187-1906

Media Contact:
Check Point Software Technologies
Cynthia Saw
Public Relations Manager
[email protected]
+1 650 628-2169

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