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Registry Data Evaluation Request

Take Advantage of our Free Data Evaluation

Malware Patrol’s Registry Compliance Data Feed will make tracking malicious activities on your TLDs effortless. We combine indicators of compromise from four of our Enterprise feeds, and then filter the results to include only your TLDs. The result is focused, actionable data for your business and ICANN compliance needs.

How Does it Work?

You must attend a 15-minute orientation prior to accessing the portal. After completing the form, you will receive scheduling instructions.

Malware Patrol’s evaluation portal provides access to limited-but-current versions of our Registry Compliance Data, featuring IOCs from the following data feeds:

  1. Anti-Mining
  2. Command & Control addresses
  3. Domain Names Generated via DGAs
  4. Malware & Ransomware URLs
  5. Phishing

You may download the data as frequently as you like, we recommend every hour.

Evaluations are for verified registries only.

Registry - Eval Request