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Fight Against Online Scams

The Global Anti-Scam Alliance’s annual report estimates that more than $55 billion dollars were lost to scams in 2021, and nearly 300 million consumers were targeted. This number is projected to skyrocket by an alarming 40% annually.

ScamAdviser, the company with the largest database of online scam information, is known throughout the industry for their global outreach and partnerships aimed at fighting scams. Trusted by the likes of F-Secure and Trend Micro, ScamAdviser tracks information related to online shopping, investment and crypto, identity theft, advance fees, employment, romance, subscriptions and more. The “Check ScamAdviser Before You Buy” search feature on their website helps over 5 million consumers per month make informed decisions by providing a site safety rating. This rating is calculated using over 40 data points, including:

  • Ranking/feedback from review and popularity sites
  • IP address of the webserver
  • Availability of contact details on the website
  • Age of the URL.


To increase the availability of this valuable data, Malware Patrol has partnered with ScamAdviser to produce a scam domains data feed. It features ScamAdviser’s extensive database of scam websites contextualized with Malware Patrol’s threat intelligence; malicious domains are verified to be online, additional data is aggregated, and it is updated on an hourly basis. For ease of use, Malware Patrol offers JSON files and can distribute the data in other formats that allow for easy integration into a wide variety of security tools and platforms.

The Scam Domains Data Feed allows businesses to prevent their employees and customers from accessing websites that are known to be involved in online shopping fraud, advanced fee scams, romance scams, employment fraud, subscription scams and investment and crypto fraud. This feed can be utilized by cyber security companies, enterprises, advertising networks, law enforcement, and brand protection agencies to differentiate legitimate online stores from fraudulent websites.

How big are your threat data gaps?

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Data Feed Details



Scam domains, along with:

– Score

– SSL information

– Networking information: hostname(s), name server(s), IP address(es) and ISP(s)



– Other formats available upon request







– Free evaluation

– Hourly updates

– Unlimited-use commercial license