Malware Patrol

Business Protect Data Evaluation Request

Take advantage of our FREE data evaluation!

Our Business Protect Threat Data Feeds are a highly reliable resource for the prevention of malware and ransomware infections because they:

  • Block access to URLs actively hosting malicious binaries
  • Prevent communication with command and control (C2) servers
  • Stop the transmission of compromised data.

How Does it Work?

Evaluations are for commercial entities only.

Non-commercial users can subscribe to our Free Guard or Basic Defense block lists. If you are an independent researcher or advanced home user and think that you may need the data in our Business Protect feeds, provide details about your intended use in the comments section of the form so we can consider your request.

Malware Patrol’s evaluation portal provides access to limited-but-current versions of the following data feeds:

  • Malware URLs
  • IPs of C2s and Active DGAs
  • RPZ DNS Firewall Zones: Malware URLs

Available feed formats are listed on our Business Protect page and in the portal. You may download data as frequently as you like, we recommend at least every hour.

Business Protect - Eval Request