ClamAV is an open source ant-virus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.”

Malware Patrol provides signatures compatible with ClamAV. You can follow these simple steps to configure your ClamAV instance and protect the internal network, computers and users from getting infected by malware.

1) Make sure your ClamAV instance is installed and working properly. There are several resources on the Internet that can help you configure ClamAV in your platform. If you are experiencing trouble installing and configuring ClamAV, start at: You should also be able to use distribution specific tools like apt-get and yum to install ClamAV. For example: apt-get install clamav.

If you have Extremeshok’s clamav-unofficial-sigs properly installed, skip to step 14.

2) Install curl. For example: apt-get install curl

3) Install rsync. For example: apt-get install rsync

4) Install unzip. For example: apt-get install unzip

5) cd /tmp

6) wget -O ‘’

7) unzip /tmp/

8) cp /tmp/clamav-unofficial-sigs-master/ /usr/local/bin

9) chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/

10) mkdir -p /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs

11) cp /tmp/clamav-unofficial-sigs-master/config/master.conf /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs/

12) cp /tmp/clamav-unofficial-sigs-master/config/user.conf /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs/

13) cd /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs/

14) edit /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs/master.conf appropriately



Use 8 if you have a Free account or 15 if you are a Premium customer.

malwarepatrol_list=”clamav_basic” # clamav_basic or clamav_ext

Set to yes if you have a Free account or no if you are a Premium customer.




15) Clean unnecessary files: rm -rf /tmp/clamav-unofficial-sigs*

16) Execute the first update: /usr/local/bin/

17) Configure a new cronjob to update ClamAV signatures every hour: MM * * * * /usr/local/bin/

If you experience any difficulties configuring ClamAV to use Malware Patrol block lists, please make sure it is working properly and contact our tech support at support (@)