Help Protect Other Users from Malware

One of the most effective ways to help others in our community is to share suspicious emails. Our tools scan and analyze your submissions every hour and add any newly found malware URLs to our lists right away.

There are other ways to contribute to the Malware Patrol Project. If you have an idea for partnering or sharing data that’s not mentioned here, please contact us.

Report False Positives

We do our best to avoid false positives, but they may occur. If you believe something is miscategorized, send a message to fp (at) and we will promptly investigate.

Send Us Your Feedback

Your feedback is valuable and much appreciated. Tell us what is working, what could be better, your needs and how we can improve. Send a message to us at support (at)

Set Up a Spam Trap

Forward the contents of your spam traps to If you need help setting one up, send an email to support (at)

Submit Suspicious Emails and URLs

Please forward suspicious URLs and emails to Feel free to share this email with others. Our automated system will extract dangerous URLs, and in no more than an hour, they will be visited and analyzed by anti-virus systems. If malware is found, the address will be added to our blocklists, which are used by thousands. One submission can make a huge impact!

Tell Others

Tell your friends about our blocklists! And if you know an educational organization that could benefit from a free Basic Defense Blocklist subscription, have them request their account here. If you are a frequent contributor of suspicious emails and/or URLs, you can get a free account too! Use the same link above to request.

Upgrade for More Data

Basic Defense blocklists include twice the data of our Free Guard blocklists, additional list formats, along with MD5 hashes to verify data integrity. Commercial data feeds cover all active entries in our database, not just the last 15 days, along with additional IOCs like C2s, DGAs, malicious IPs, and many more.

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Our Trusted Network

Our partners are the companies and individuals whose data and systems contribute to this project through paid or open source services. We are very grateful to the people and companies that develop systems and software to make our lives easier.

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Supporting the Security Community


Free Block Lists

Our Free Guard Block Lists are available to anyone using the data for non-commercial purposes. Educational organizations and regular contributors to Malware Patrol (those who submit suspicious emails and URLs) are eligible for FREE subscriptions to our Basic Defense Block Lists. If either of these apply to you, request an account here.

Charitable Contributions

We believe in the missions of and proudly support EFF “Electronic Frontier Foundation” and the Tor Project.

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