Protection Against Ransomware and Malware

Small Business Protection

Our Business Protect package offers targeted protection against ransomware and malware infections. The data is aggregated from diverse sources, including web crawlers, botnet monitors, spam traps, honeypots, research teams, partners and historical data about malicious campaigns. It is formatted for ease of use, compatible with the most common security platforms and software and:

Our database is updated constantly by crawlers in the cloud

Each indicator is verified daily

DNS names are resolved 4-6 times a day

Newly discovered URLs are processed within an hour.

protection against ransomware



There are many ways to use our data to protect your assets, employees and networks, as well as your customers:

Reinforce your network defenses by adding continuously updated data to your SIEM, firewalls, IPS/IDS, proxy, and DNS servers

Prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data and intellectual property from infected machines

Detect malicious content hosted on your networks and servers

Improve incident response and forensic capabilities by providing your teams with meaningful information about threats

Grow your business by providing industry-leading threat data as a premium service to your customers.

Package Details



– Malware & ransomware URL data for rolling 9-month period, to maximize active threat coverage.

– Hashes to verify the integrity of the downloaded data feed.

– For an additional fee, you can add our DNS RPZ Firewall. Annual subscriptions only.



– ClamAV Virus DB

– pfBlockerNG / pfSense

– Postfix MTA

– SpamAssassin

– SquidGuard Block List

– Squid Web Proxy



– Free 7-day trial

– Hourly updates

– Unlimited downloads

– Whitelisting tool (for customization)

– Full-use commercial license

– Monthly or 1-year subscriptions


Learn More

Watch our Business Protect evaluation orientation to learn more about the feeds and subscription features.

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