Malware, Ransomware, C2s, Cryptominers, DGAs, DDoS, and More

The Value of Threat Intelligence 

Cyber threats are constantly growing in frequency and complexity. Criminals use intrincate campaigns and customized tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to bypass security controls. A critical key to defending against increasingly sophisticated cyber crime is by leveraging the existing security mechanisms through threat intelligence.

According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 77% of respondents say threat intelligence is very valuable to their organization’s overall security mission, whereas, 78% rate the importance of threat intelligence in achieving a strong cybersecurity posture as very high. Forty-six percent of respondents believe commercial data feeds provide more actionable intelligence than free sources.

Threat intelligence is valuable to various levels of an organization, ranging from IT and security leaders to operational staff, SOC and incident responders. Malware Patrol provides the continuously updated threat data feeds companies need to detect and defend against emerging risks. The usage of this intelligence ensures firewall, IDS/IPS, proxies, mail security and other defenses are adequately protecting from malware and various cyber threats. As soon as our systems detect malicious activities, the corresponding indicators are added to the data feeds, decreasing our customers’ response time and strengthening their security posture.

Our threat data solutions help companies:

  • Avoid security incidents and data exfiltration by blocking access to malicious resources on the Internet (URLs, C&Cs, DGAs)
  • Increase the efficiency of security operations and incident response
  • Compare and correlate internal cyber events with externally collected and vetted threat intelligence
  • Effectively integrate threat intelligence into existing security technologies (SIEMs, IPS/IDS, firewalls)
  • Minimize exposure to malicious campaigns and attacks
  • Identify, analyze, and remediate threats that other technologies may have missed

Malware Isn’t Going Anywhere

Relying on a single source of threat data can significantly decrease your security team’s visibility. A logical plan for organizations of all sizes and verticals is to obtain indicators of compromise (IOCs) from a variety of unrelated sources and then utilize them as part of a layered security strategy.

Malware Patrol offers a wide variety of cyber threat data feeds for commercial and research purposes. Our threat data is a highly reliable layer of protection for your customers and networks against malware infections, the transmission of compromised data, sites using cryptominer scripts, as well as communications with botnets and command and control (C&C) servers.

For ease of use, our feeds are formatted for compatibility with the most common security platforms and software – no API required – and:

– Contain over 13 years of historical data

– Are updated constantly by crawlers in the cloud

– Each indicator is verified daily

– DNS names are resolved 4-6 times a day

– Newly discovered URLs are processed within an hour.

What kind of threat data user are you?

Service Provider

MSP/MSSP or ISP, you use threat data to provide security management services to your customers.

Threat Researcher/Analyst

You need custom data or samples for research purposes.

Security Enterprise

You resell or integrate IOCs into your threat intelligence feeds or security products.

Choose the Right Data for Your Needs 

When properly used, threat intelligence allows companies to proactively mitigate the most pressing threats. For that reason, Malware Patrol offers two subscription options to our customers.

Business Protect was designed to help small businesses, MSPs, MSSPs and ISPs protect their customers and networks. A predefined set of data feeds of malicious URLs and IP addresses of C&Cs and DGAs is made available.

Companies that have a mature cyber security model require more specific threat intelligence. For those, Malware Patrol offers the Enterprise subscription that provides data feeds containing a large variety of indicators as well as customizeable formats and contents.