ThreatBlockr IntegrationUpdated on 2022.03.22 – Bandura Cyber now is ThreatBlockr.

Press Release   St. Petersburg, FL, July 28, 2021 — Malware Patrol, the veteran threat intelligence company, announced today that they now offer data feeds through the ThreatBlockr (formerly known as Bandura) Integrations Marketplace, previously known as ThreatBlockr.

Cybersecurity teams around the world rely on Malware Patrol’s timely and accurate intelligence to expand their threat landscape visibility and to improve detection rates and response times. The company offers a variety of feeds related to the most prevalent attack types and vectors, including phishing, malware, ransomware, C2s, DGAs, crypto-mining, and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).

ThreatBlockr newly launched Cyber Intelligence Marketplace provides customers with access to high-value multi-source cyber intelligence data from leading intelligence providers. ThreatBlockr customers can easily discover, access, acquire, deploy, and enforce a curated collection of high-quality cyber intelligence data within minutes across their entire network and edge – in real-time – without added latency.

“We’re excited to partner with ThreatBlockr because of their excellent reputation. We greatly appreciate that they are making it easier for their customers to diversify their threat intelligence sources via the Cyber Intelligence Marketplace. Those of us on the intelligence side of things know there’s an endless number of indicators of compromise out there, and that the best security posture comes from using multiple data sources,” said Malware Patrol CEO, Andre Correa.

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To learn more about the partnership between ThreatBlockr and Malware Patrol, attend the webinar with ThreatBlockr CRO Todd Weller and Malware Patrol Marketing & Sales Manager Leslie Dawn on Thursday, July 29th, at 1 PM Eastern.  

About ThreatBlockr

ThreatBlockr is an autonomous cyber intelligence and defense company that brings the power of cyber intelligence and cyber defense to global organizations. Our cloud-based platform combines cyber intelligence, automation, and network enforcement into a single solution that is easy to deploy and manage, filling in the gaps in the current cyber security stack. Customers in over 40 states and 20 countries are deploying ThreatBlockr to bring autonomous cyber intelligence and autonomous cyber defense to their networks, computer environments, and employees. Deployed in 30 minutes or less, ThreatBlockr adds instant value and fills the gap in any organization’s cyber security stack to protect their data and users wherever they are — on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid or decentralized environment.

Visit www.banduracyber.com

About Malware Patrol
Malware Patrol is a boutique threat intelligence company. We dedicate our resources to making sure the data we produce is of the highest quality possible. Our proprietary systems work non-stop to collect and validate IoCs, the result of which is timely intelligence that allows our customers to confidently detect, correlate, and prevent cyberattacks. Founded in 2005, our data is derived from geographically diverse sources and used by managed security service providers (MSSPs), enterprises, and cybersecurity teams to protect users, networks, and assets in more than 175 countries. For more information visit malwarepatrol.net.